Jumat, 23 September 2016

Menentukan Arah

I do like the way to get this book. We can donate voluntary as much as we want with Rp 20.000 as the minimum amount in kitabisa(dot)com. This book actually a kind of wedding invitation from masgun. How nice if we get an invitation with 102 pages. 

I tend to buy book with special history (or look only) :p. I never have masgun's books before, but I have read his two books (Hujan Matahari and Lautan Langit) and really enjoy it. Yet, I always postpone to buy it, later later, until his third book came out, collaborate with his wife. Ah, finally. Let's us see how they thought about 'walimatul ursy' things :3

Despite of that, I like their idea to make people donate with buying a book. Made people move. Made people hit the page harder. At early minutes at ten, I slightly can't reach that page. After wait patiently (in minutes), the page can working well. When I hit reward button, eleven people already choose reward. And see how much people donate just in less than a hour. Awesome. Hope the kindness continue to grow.

I will give review for this book later, when it landed well into my room :D

Selasa, 30 Agustus 2016

Bloody PO: the Architecture of Love

Pre-order Ika Natassa's book renowned by 'bloody pre-order'. It's my first time really wanna have her book, titled 'the architecture of love', a book from #PollStory in twitter. Every twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) in almost two months in early 2016, I followed the story. It's nice when we as readers can also participate to determine what storyline in the next chapter. But, truthfully, I never gave my vote, haha. I just enjoy reading whatever the #PollStory result. Maybe I just excited to experience a new reading method :p

After failed got the special box set edition, I kinda challenged. I wanna test my luck to have this limited numbered book. So, at exact 13.00 on June, 1st, I try the online book store that open pre-order for this book, one by one. Really frustrated when the book store's page showed bad gateway error message. Just in few minutes later, 'sold out'. Ika Natassa's fans is really amazing. When pre-order like this, you'd better team up with your friend. So, you can split what online book store that you must be focus on. And don't forget to have speed internet connection. If you late just in second, your chance gone. Be prepared.

I almost gave up to try. But, after diligently read announcement in timeline and find out one of book store account, they open manual order (not by website), because their website still not working well. The order method was unclear. So, I kinda spammed, with mention, sms, and send whatsapp message. Feeling really thankful when got replied: you got signature edition. Yeay! Believe, hard work will bear fruit :v

Thanks, BukuKita(dot)com! I finally got a postcard, a card guide to NY, and a NY skyscraper wooden bookmark. Also thanks for early shipment, early from scheduled before.

I didn't read the book immediately. Because I already knew more than half its story, I guess this book not make me curious anymore. I must gathered my desire to finished River story in  this book. But, I think the ending is kinda forced. I knew they have the same last name, but... it just didn't met my expectation, sorry to say. I'd rather enjoy the pre-order process than reading this book.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Minggu, 28 Agustus 2016

Let's Eat : Mujigae

Have you ever watched a drama that called "Let's Eat"? I really inspired by taking a picture of finished dish. I wish I could do something like that and finally I did, two days ago. Wkwkk.

It was a bulgogi set, fyi.

People tend to take a picture of food before they eat. But, after watched the drama, I see something differently. The drama told us that a really-delicious-food is when we eat all of dish without leftovers. Something worth to eat, you must experience it by yourself, truthfully.

Well, after tasted three kind of Korean Restaurants, I recommend you to Mujigae. We went to Mujigae at Margo City, Depok two days ago. The place is really cozy and I don't mind spend longer time in there. If you want to go there at eating hours, you must be patient. The queue quite long. But, I think a long time waiting paid off with a taste that you will acquire.

Okay. That's all from me. Let's eat! :D

Jumat, 08 Juli 2016


long time no see.
after a looot of 'hard' work, finally I'm home.

time passes, everybody changes, include you. time surely flying so fast.
everyone grown up, but still, there is something remain same.

life is something that you should digest anyway. chew it.

no need to show off, just be grateful and happiness will follow next.

glad to see you again.
hope this friendship will stay long lasting.

happy ied mubarak!
sorry for any mistakes, deliberate or not, online or offline.
don't hesitate to remind me if I still have any debt or promises to you.

Rabu, 22 Juni 2016

Parent as Teacher

Dua hari yang lalu menghadiri acara seminar parenting atas permintaan kakak tercinta. Beberapa minggu yang lalu sempat membelikan buku dengan penulis yang merupakan pembicara seminar tersebut, Abah Ihsan Baihaqi. Bisa dihitung dengan jari calon ayah/bunda yang menghadiri acara tersebut di tengah jam kantor dan ya, aku salah satunya. Haha. Kinda embarrassing, but after that seminar, I think parent-to-be must attend that kind of seminar as often as possible, seriously.
"Jadilah orang tua betulan, bukan karena kebetulan."
Jangan ketika punya masalah dengan anak baru belajar. Sebelum memutuskan mempunyai anak, you must be well prepared. Seorang anak tidak bisa memilih dilahirkan dari orang tua seperti apa, tapi kita bisa memutuskan akan menjadi orang tua seperti apa bagi anak kita bukan? Setiap anak lahir dengan fitrah, dengan bibit kebaikan, seperti jujur, mandiri, kreatif, patuh, disiplin. Tugas kita sebagai orang tua perlu memelihara dan menjaganya.

Setiap anak lahir dengan fitrah, tergantung orang tua bagaimana ia dibentuk. Hal-hal negatif seringkali terjadi karena orang tua tidak sadar atau tidak sengaja dalam mendidiknya. Misalnya, orang tua yang sering tidak tega, tidak tegas, dapat menyebabkan anak tidak mandiri. Orang tua yang malas menjaga ketika anak bermain, sering melarang ini itu, dapat menyebabkan anak tidak kreatif.

Kenapa kita perlu belajar?
Pertama, karena Allah, perintah pertama adalah belajar.
Kedua, karena zaman telah berubah. Dulu orang tua tidak punya kompetitor. Anak tidak punya benchmark untuk membandingkan berbagai informasi. Dulu anak yang dilepas begitu saja tanpa arahan orang tua akan baik-baiknya. Sekarang? Lihatlah generasi milenium sekarang akibat kotak-kotak berteknologi tinggi (re: smartphone, TV, tablet, etc). Apakah anak-anak sekarang akan tumbuh baik-baik saja tanpa arahan orang tua? Absolutely not, rite?

Menjadi teladan dapat menjadi salah satu cara mendidik anak. Namun, itu saja tidak cukup untuk membentengi anak dari pengaruh lingkungan. Berikut beberapa tips dari Abah Ihsan kemarin.

1. Semua orang tua wajib punya ilmu/skill.
"Tidak ada anak yang sejak lahir berniat menghancurkan hidupnya, yang ada orang tua yang gagal mendidik anaknya."
Orang tua yang harus lebih kuat mempengaruhi anaknya agar tidak ingin anak terpengaruh lingkungan. Orang tua perlu membuat SOP berupa aturan atau batasan ketika berlebihan. Tindakan berlebihan anak perlu dilarang jika: mencelakakan diri sendiri, merugikan orang lain atau melanggar hukum. 

Jangan menjadi orang tua yang otoriter. Ajarkan konsep kepemilikan dulu, baru ajarkan konsep berbagi. Tidak ada gunanya memaki-maki, doakan.

2. Sering-sering ajak anak curhat.

Ajak curhat setiap hari, terutama ketika anak beranjak remaja. Curhat di sini bukan orang tua yang ceramah, melainkan anak yang bercerita. Buatlah suasana agar anak tidak segan untuk bercerita. Hal ini akan membuat anak jauh dari kenakalan.

3. Luangkanlah waktu.
Tidak ada pendidikan tanpa waktu. Minimal tiga jam dalam sehari bersama anak. Misal, jam 18.00-21.00 disconnect. Gunakan tiga jam tersebut untuk 3B: bicara, belajar, bermain. Waktu tersebut bisa digunakan untuk Qur'an time, story time, etc. 
"Jangan meminta dividend pada anak jika kita tidak mau berinvestasi."
Noted. Seminar kemarin benar-benar menginspirasi. Apalagi ditambah cara Abah Ihsan menyampaikannya. Mudah dicerna dan menyenangkan. Boleh lah nanti ikut program Abah Ihsan yang lain wkwkk. Mari kita sama-sama belajar menjadi calon orang tua betulan, bukan kebetulan :D

Jumat, 27 Mei 2016

Only you don't know

"Hidup akan selalu baik-baik saja, setelah apa yang tidak baik-baik saja menurutmu terjadi."- HM
You never know what happen next, rite? Seminggu berlalu. Seminggu yang lalu mungkin kamu dimaki-maki. Seminggu kemudian mungkin kamu terlibat dalam obrolan santai, seolah-olah tidak terjadi apa-apa.
People may threat you differently, based on whoever (or whatever situation) around you. Like you always do, maybe. Haha. You'd better don't know the worst me, sincerely.

There are so many things that I don't can't tell you. Seiring berjalannya waktu, mungkin nantinya kamu akan tahu dengan sendirinya. Be patient. In the right time, maybe you are the only one that know, everything. If you are the right one :p

Jumat, 20 Mei 2016

No big deal

"Rather than it was no big deal, rather than saying I will be okay. It's more comfort that there was someone else with the same pain."

Apa yang kamu dapatkan hari ini, mungkin tidak separah yang temanmu dapatkan. Kamu hanya terjebak di waktu yang tidak tepat, di tempat yang tidak tepat, dan mungkin bersama orang yang tidak tepat. Berdoalah semoga satu bulan ke depan, dua bulan ke depan, dan seterusnya kamu baik-baik saja.

Apa yang kamu lakukan hari ini bukan yang pertama, hanya saja menghadapi orang yang berbeda. Tentu saja tidak bisa dianggap sama. Tempo lalu dianggap baik-baik saja. Hari ini dianggap sebuah kesalahan. It's okay, people thinking with their own mind.

Baru seminggu masuk sudah membuat masalah. Hari-hari berikutnya mungkin tidak akan sama lagi. Setelah hari ini, aku semakin berharap tidak menetap lama. Rasanya sesak, terlebih tidak sendiri lagi. Become a little too much to handle.

Agak menyayangkan bursa pertukaran kemarin gagal. Mungkin tidak terlalu kelihatan manfaatnya, tapi keberadaanku di sana juga sepertinya tidak terlalu terlihat kebermanfaatannya. Atau barangkali belum terlihat. Feeling useless. Haha.

Setelah apa yang terjadi hari ini, tepatnya sore tadi pukul 15:10. Thanks for being an escape. Memang sedang butuh makan enak biar jinak. Haha.